The Couple
Our Story

In the heart of Texas Tech University’s bustling biology lab, destiny quietly conspired, bringing together two souls who had never exchanged a single word. Little did Ariez and Blake know that their shared journey was about to take a delicious twist.

Their paths converged when, almost serendipitously, they both found themselves employed at Chick-Fil-A, their laughter becoming a constant backdrop to their budding friendship. Each shift at the restaurant was an eagerly awaited reunion, as they effortlessly kept each other in stitches.

As the years danced by, their bond deepened, a friendship that seemed as unbreakable as it was priceless. Then came the turning point in 2022 when Blake, summoning the courage to risk it all, decided to ask out his cherished friend of two years. Both of them felt the weight of uncertainty, fearing that this leap of faith might jeopardize the extraordinary connection they had built. Yet, in a bold move, they chose to embrace the unknown.

Their very first date unfolded amidst the delectable delights of the Cheesecake Factory, where the conversation flowed like a sweet melody. For Ariez, that evening held a revelation – she knew she was destined to be with Blake. Just a mere fortnight later, in a moment that felt like destiny crystallizing, Blake asked Ariez to be his girlfriend. Their hearts knew, in that instant, that they were irrevocably and deeply in love.

The passing year was marked by an unbroken string of beautiful moments, as these two kindred spirits became inseparable. They reveled in shared adventures, cherishing every second spent in each other’s radiant company.

The Proposal

And then, on that fateful day, July 12th, 2023, in the enchanting town of Caltagirone, Italy, a dazzling chapter of their love story unfolded. Ariez stood upon the painted steps of Caltagirone, a picture of anticipation, as Blake, filled with love’s magic, swirled around to face her. With unwavering resolve, he dropped to one knee, and with a heart brimming with hope, he asked the question that would change their lives forever. Ariez, her heart brimming with joy, exclaimed a resounding “Yes!” to a future paved with love and endless adventure.